Operations and Logistics for importing non-perishable items to Saudi Arabia

This is a "how to guide" in importing and distribution of non-perishable items into "anywhere really" and how a smooth running operation of the business can be expected with explanations.

By Saidul Uddin, MBA

The idea of exporting private label food items from USA and Canada has proven to be a very profitable one.

The objective upon me was, to set-up the quality and logistical steps to get 11 new USA suppliers and 2 Canadian suppliers agree to produce for; The Saudi Trading Project, who will pick up goods on an ex-works (from  factory) basis and deliver it to our 3PL warehouses in Jeddah and Dammam "ready for sale"

This is a guide to understand how " Saudi Trading Company" operates in Saudi Arabia. I will use my learning's to illustrate the method and factors from beginning to end so that it is clear in my mind and for the benefit of the readers to know how this kind of business are done and hope this can shed some light to people who will join me in the journey to put together my thoughts and learning's into one book.

I hope this comes with a clear intent to demonstrate that I have learnt something and I have helped those around me also to learn and develop themselves.